Blind Faith Review

In this satirical exaggeration of our world, it is interesting to see what a ten-year-old prediction of our future is like compared to our real world.

City of Ashes Review

The second book in the mortal instruments series sadly suffers from middle book syndrome. It is not as good as the first book, the plot is lacking, and the new characters are boring.

City of Bones Review

I was pleasantly surprised by this book, having not enjoyed it the first time I read it I did not enjoy it. Several years later, I decided to give it another go and enjoyed it massively. 

August Wrap Up

I haven't read as many books as  I was hoping to this month, although I still have a week to go, let's see what I have read so far...

White Rabbit Red Wolf Review

I loved this book so much, it has such an interesting plot and concept. I loved the way that it is split into parts and each one is a different version of the same story so that you never know what is the truth, even at the end.

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