I know that I am late to the party, but I was in two minds as to whether or not to do this, but here I am. As I did not take my O.W.L.s, I used my GoodReads list from April (when they were held) to find which subjects I could take. For more information of about the N.E.W.T. exams, click the link here.

Ancient Runes:

Read a book set in the past:


A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

One of the most ancient books on your shelves that you havenโ€™t yet read:


The Republic by Plato

A book translated from another language:


Meditations by Rene Descartes

Care of Magical Creatures:

A book with an animal on the cover:


Animal Farm by George Orwell

A book under 160 pages:


The wit and wisdom of Tyrion Lannister by George R.R. Martin

A book that includes dragons in any way:

A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3: Part 1 of 2)

A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow by George R.R. Martin.


Read a book with magic in it:


A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

A book with a cover that charmed you:


The Dark Queen by Jospheine Boyce

A book you think will leave a mark:


This is Where it Ends byย Marieke Nijkamp


A book set in the future:


Vox by Christina Dalcher

A book under 200 pages:


Peter Pan by J.M. Barie

Read a mythology book:


Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman


A book with a grey cover:


ย The Trial by Franz Kafka

Read a book by a new-to-you author:


Jinxed by Amy McCulloch

Read a book that’s set in a kingdom:


A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold by George R.R. Martin

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