Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Review

While I admit that I am prejudiced against this book to a now ridiculous dislike of Doby, this is still my least favourite of the Harry Potter books.

While once again the characters are fully developed and interesting, I can’t help feeling that they are just a little bit more annoying. I understand that this could be to do the age of the characters, I can’t help finding them irritating after a while. I was also not happy about the fact that one of the protagonists was missing for half of the book.

While I understand that it is to make the plot more personal and to develop the relationship between the other two protagonists, I can’t help thinking that it shows just how thin the plot is. The book would have been finished in half the time if one of the characters was not out of action for the rest of the book. Nothing in the book feels very hard and the challenges that the characters have to overcome feel less difficult than those in the previous book despite the characters being more equipt to deal with things.

4 stars

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